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7 Helpful tips for mobile websites

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Have you looked at your website on a smart phone?

Have your clients or friends told you how bad your website looks on a phone?

Have you thought about getting your website redone for mobile?

The projections are that by 2014 more users will access the Internet from their phone than from a computer. This means that if you have a flash-based website with a lot of content, you will be missing out on over half of all web browsers.  Definitely something to think about!

So, it is time you started to think about your mobile website presence.

Creating a mobile version of your website is really quite easy. In fact a mobile website should be similar to your main website but without big images and with less text than your original site.  The design should be a lot simpler and have the most important actions you want your visitors to take.

Here are some helpful tips to remember when you get your mobile website designed:

  • Content  – Mobile screens are a fraction of the size of desktop screens so your fonts will be smaller and your content will be harder to read.  Therefore, get rid of any unnecessary content.
  • File Size - If you offer your visitors files like PDFs to download or MP3s on your main website, remember that is unlikely that visitors will download them on a mobile.  Even if the mobile has fast speed and a large download allowance, it will rarely be as quick as a desktop computer. So, keep images and files as small as possible.
  • Mobile Website Platform – There are so many different operating systems e.g. iPhone, Blackberry, Android and you will need to ensure that your website platform works properly on all phones.
  • Forms – Data collection forms or opt-in boxes are very important.  Keep them simple.  It is much harder for people to fill in their details so just ask for name and email.
  • Social Media - Avoid a lot of social media on your mobile website. When you add a Facebook like box or a Twitter re tweet button, it will add files to your website and the idea is to make your mobile website load as quickly as possible so that your visitors find what they want quickly.
  • Click to Talk Phone Numbers – all numbers should use this simple code that will initiate a call when your customer clicks (or touches) on the phone number on your mobile site.  Ensure that your visitor’s are not having to type telephone numbers in.
  • Location – Most smart phones are equipped with GPS technology. You search for your favourite restaurant or bar etc. and it will display the physical location. Make sure your location is “findable” to other mobile searchers.

The most important thing to remember when creating your mobile presence is that simpler is better. Everything should be reduced – file size, the amount of content, the design and the amount of typing your visitors are required to do. Make things easy for your visitors with ‘one touch’ phone numbers and links.  Ensure that visitors are only scrolling down and not from side to side.

If you take advantage of these tips, your mobile website will be a huge success and you will be maximising your mobile website for success.

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