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Tips for a great website – #3 purpose

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Tip 3 – be clear about the purpose of your website

Branding websites aim to build the “brand” of a business – to create brand awareness and generate brand loyalty. This kind of advertising is like what you would see on TV or in magazines. The theory is that if a customer sees your “brand” enough times they will eventually buy something from you.

Direct response websites (like direct response ads) are designed to get people to respond right away to a call to action whether it is to contact you, leave their details on your site for more information or for a free give away, to buy something, subscribe to a mailing list or phone your business… or any other action you want your visitors to take. The focus is on taking action NOW.

Web sites should work like direct response ads if you are interested in building your database and making more sales! Make sure you use a strong call to action so that your visitors don’t have to guess what you want them to do.

Most important is to have your strongest call to action above the fold (so before your visitors need to scroll down the page) but you can have another call to action below the fold near your footer or at the bottom of your sidebar (if you have one in your layout). This way, you are directing your visitors to take some kind of action no matter where they are on your page.

Remember to measure and test to see which call to action works best for you and your website. Try a different call to action on different pages or you can make a uniform call to action but change it after a period of time. Keep your eye on your Analytics and you will soon see what brings the best results.

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