Copywriting – online and offline

Short but sweet – good copy is about quality of expression not the quantity of words

HotsWots professional copywriters can assist with your written content online or offline. This includes websites, blogs, eNewsletters, email marketing, banners, online and offline advertising, brochures, promotions or anywhere you require professionally worded content.

The benefits of having your content written by a professional copywriter are unlimited.  Our professional copywriters can:

  • Write clearly and compellingly to speak directly to your target market
  • Write with sub headings to guide your readers through your copy
  • Work with HotsWots web designers to ensure that your content fits into and suits the design of your site
  • Guide your target market to take the action you want them to take e.g.  buy your product or leave their details for more information
  • Write for the spiders that crawl the web, because your website simply must be search-engine friendly
  • Write your content utilising the keywords that your target market will be using to search your site
  • Write with balance.  A high word count is important for Google but it cannot be at the expense of your target market’s attention span!

HotsWots copywriters can either work with your words and transform them, or they will do all the research for you and write your content from scratch!