Marketing Services


Marketing services

Brand development

Branding is more than a good-looking logo.
Whether the challenge is growing your brand, transforming an existing one or developing a new identity, talk to us. For your brand development we’ll take a 360-degree look at the opportunities –and the challenges – to build a powerful and sustainable brand for your product or service.

Integrated online marketing & search engine marketing solutions

One size fits all? Usually not.
Often the best solution for your online marketing is a tailored mix of different services including free and paid campaigns. We have the experience and blend of skills to make sure that our integrated online marketing solutions don’t lead to disintegration. Some examples of online marketing that we may incorporate are social media strategies (free & paid), pay per click advertising, blogging as well as video marketing to list just a few options.

Social media marketing

Can you afford to ignore social media for your business?
Many of your customers and prospects are communicating with each other in a social space like Facebook. Wouldn’t it be a good business move to be there with them? We can help you get started today with a strategy for your social media marketing.


Short …. but very sweet.
Good copy is about the quality of expression not the quantity of words. Our copywriting services include web content, blogs, brochures, ads, advertorial or newsletters – we can create the right message for the right people in the right way. Or we can edit and craft existing copy.  Click here for more detailed information.

Email & direct marketing

Email marketing, direct response, database marketing, …. Whatever you call it – and whatever you want – we have 30 years experience in direct marketing of all kinds to call on. We can set up email marketing software on your website so you can use autoresponders and customised designed newsletters to stay in touch with your clients and customers.

Strategic marketing planning

How to outsmart the competition!
It’s about understanding the market, understanding your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and developing good communication and marketing strategies to take you where you want to be….plus a whole lot more. With years of experience in strategic planning across a wide range of products and services we can offer advice and practical help.

QR codes

Advertise your products, website, promotions or social media page on flyers, posters, newspapers, billboards or Tshirts.
QR Code is short for Quick Response Code (they can be read quickly by a Smart Phone). They are a bit like a bar code but are more useful than a standard bar code because they can store (and digitally present) much more data, including URL links, GEO coordinates, and text. For more information click here.