Mobile Websites


Why do you need a mobile website?

Australia ranks 2nd in the world for smartphone usage

Most websites are designed for desktop or laptops and are not easy to read on a smartphone.

If someone searches for your business on a smartphone, have you looked to see what kind of experience they are going to have?

Most desktop websites have not been designed to suit a smaller screen. While ‘responsive’ sites – websites that have been developed to provide an optimal viewing experience on a mobile – can be great for simple designs, responsive will not give the best results for all websites. Website design with sidebars, complicated drop down menu, a lot of text and images, or a big shopping cart, will be better suited to a specifically designed, simplified mobile site.

HotsWots can design an ‘easy-to-use’ mobile website for you with:

  • Your logo, branding and colours
  • Large buttons
  • Easy navigation
  • Minimal text & images
  • ‘1 click’ phone number
  • Interactive forms
  • Only the most important information
  • Linked shopping cart for quick, easy buying
  • Locate us – with interactive Google map

Which website would you rather view on your smartphone? The mobile website on the left or the desktop website on the right?


And, even better, your new mobile website will be easily editable by you and your staff.

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