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QR Codes are hot and are now available from HOTSWOTS!  But what is a QR code and what are they used for?  QR Codes look like this:

QR Codes were developed in Japan  and QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by a Smart Phone).  They are a bit like a bar code but are more useful than a standard bar code because they can store (and digitally present) much more data, including URL links, GEO coordinates, and text.  The other exciting feature is that instead of requiring a hand-held scanner to scan them, iPhones & Android phones can scan them.  Apps, free and paid, can be downloaded in an instant and that’s all you need to be able to read the information stored in the QR Code.

Once the QR Code is scanned for example from a business card, contact details can then be saved into your mobile without keying in the details.  Other places you may see them are in advertisements in newspapers and magazines, on billboards,  on a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt.  Once it is in your phone, it may give you details about that business (allowing users to search for nearby locations), or details about the person wearing the t-shirt, show you a URL which you can click to see a trailer for a movie, or it may give you a coupon which you can use in a local outlet.


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How could you use a QR Code?

Your business, no matter how small or large, could use QR codes in a number of ways. You might auto generate one next to every product on your web site containing all the product details, the number to call and the URL link to the page so they can show their friends on their mobile phone. You could add one to your business card containing your contact details so its easy for someone to add you to their contacts on their mobile phone.

Add them to any print advertising, flyers, posters, invites, TV ads etc containing:

  • Product details
  • Contact details
  • Offer details
  • Event details
  • Competition details
  • A coupon
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn IDs
  • A link to your YouTube video


How do you get QR Code?

Contact HOTSWOTS and our team of developers are ready to create your QR Code for your business and marketing needs today!