Website Design


Simple, creative and functional

A company’s website represents its image online, so unique website design plays an important role in creating an attractive presence worldwide.  A beautiful designed web site with good functionality has the potential to sell products or services as well as promote your company’s brand or image. Building brand awareness on the internet doesn’t require the huge budget that would be required off-line and can be easily achieved through a creatively designed website!

Stunning website design will grab your attention as soon as you open a website. This is imperative when you only have a couple of seconds to capture your visitors’ attention and keep them on your site before they have clicked off your site and are lost forever. You have heard the saying – ‘first impressions count’ – and this is certainly the case for websites!

HotsWots professional website designers will utilise the information you have provided including logo, graphics and personal preferences for colour and style, as well as the ethos and values of your business, to create a unique, professional site that will define your vision and build a brand that is worth believing in. We believe in stunning simplicity that is fully functional!

HotsWots designers also offer a full range of services including:

    • Concept and development
    • Corporate branding integration
    • Logo design and stationery design
    • Graphic design
    • Social media design
    • Banner and flyer design
    • Newsletter template design

Call us today to find out how HotsWots professional designers can help you integrate the ‘look’ you need for your online or offline presence!